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Storynory brings you an audio story every week. Each one is beautifully read by Natasha and friends.

Storynory has been giving the world free audio stories since 2005. The show’s most faithful fans grew up listening to the podcasting pioneer and still tune in. Regular listeners, mostly in the 6 to 10 age range, are familiar with Storynory’s cast of characters, Astropup, Katie the Witch, Uncle Jeff, and Lapis the Ancient Egyptian Cat. Feedback suggests that the audience often listens as a family, with parents and teachers as captivated as the children.

The original stories are interspersed with myths and unusual fairy tales adapted from around the world. All are beautifully read by classically trained actors, Richard Scott, Natasha Lewis, and Elizabeth Donnelly. Much of the material is written by Storynory’s founder, Hugh Fraser (pen name Bertie) whose children’s novel, Dotty’s First Year at as a Human, will be published by Walker Books next year. Storynory also features original music, sound effects, and poems.

The archive of stories features 750 audio recordings and continues to grow with regular additions. It has found a global audience, with listeners in the UK, USA, Asia, and Australia. Its stories have been licensed by Google for use on Google Home, as well as by local radio stations, app developers and toy manufacturers around the world. Its commercial partners have included Audible, RxBar and Wicked Uncle.

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Emily is 12 years old. She is enjoying her independence, walking to school with her best friend Heidi. But she has one big fear in her life. What is it?Support the show.

Jana’s Studio : I Spy With My Little Eye – A Look into our Eyes

Jana meets Paul Kinnear, an ophthalmologist (a doctor specialising in eyes), to learn about our eyes and how we can keep them healthy. Paul also shares a couple of eye jokes and his favourite eye poem !Support the show.

Astropup in the Virtual Reality World

Astropup, and the Parrot try on some Virtual Reality glasses that make space travel totally blissful. But danger lurks. Kindly sponsored by RXBAR Kids the show.

Finette Part Two

Finette and Yvon arrive in Brittany and Kerver Castle. Finette fears that Yvon will forget all about her and their love. Is that possible ?Support the show.

Finette Part One

Finette loves bright clothes and golden jewellery. In particular she wears a necklace made of golden bullets. She is trapped in the service of a giant. One day a new stable boy, Yvon, starts work for the giant. Soon Yvon has to complete some impossi…

5, Herodotus , The Battle of the Eclipse

Ancient people thought that the Sun and the Moon were gods – didn’t they? Or were there some people alive two and half thousand years ago who were more scientific?Support the show.

The Goblin Spider

A creepy-crawly story from Japan about a Samurai who must stay the night in a temple haunted by a giant Goblin-SpiderSupport the show.

The Pot of Broth

A cunning old soldier has a “magical” stone that can make a pot of broth – although it could taste better with the help of Sibby Connelly’s Chicken – adapted from a play by WB YeatsSupport the show.

Jana’s Studio – Million Dollar Ideas

Jana’s new factual programme interviews Jeremy Howell of BBC TV about Million Dollar Ideas – those everyday objects around your house that somebody invented and which made millions of $$$$$$$$!Support the show.