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Storynory brings you an audio story every week. Each one is beautifully read by Natasha and friends.

Storynory has been giving the world free audio stories since 2005. The show’s most faithful fans grew up listening to the podcasting pioneer and still tune in. Regular listeners, mostly in the 6 to 10 age range, are familiar with Storynory’s cast of characters, Astropup, Katie the Witch, Uncle Jeff, and Lapis the Ancient Egyptian Cat. Feedback suggests that the audience often listens as a family, with parents and teachers as captivated as the children.

The original stories are interspersed with myths and unusual fairy tales adapted from around the world. All are beautifully read by classically trained actors, Richard Scott, Natasha Lewis, and Elizabeth Donnelly. Much of the material is written by Storynory’s founder, Hugh Fraser (pen name Bertie) whose children’s novel, Dotty’s First Year at as a Human, will be published by Walker Books next year. Storynory also features original music, sound effects, and poems.

The archive of stories features 750 audio recordings and continues to grow with regular additions. It has found a global audience, with listeners in the UK, USA, Asia, and Australia. Its stories have been licensed by Google for use on Google Home, as well as by local radio stations, app developers and toy manufacturers around the world. Its commercial partners have included Audible, RxBar and Wicked Uncle.

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Solveig’s Song

The haunting song from our Peer Gynt series – based on the music of Edvard Grieg – the Norwegian composer. Please support us on Patreon the show.

5 – Peer Gynt: The Button Maker

Peer returns home after 20 years abroad. Will anyone remember him? He meets some strange beings who do in fact know who he is.Support the show.

4 – Peer Gynt: The Sahara Desert

Peer travels to Egypt – meets the mysterious Anitra – and seeks the answer to the riddle of the SphinxSupport the show.

New Year Song: Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year Everyone! – Jana sings a magical version of the Scottish Anthem – Auld Lang SyneSupport the show.

3 – Peer Gynt. The Bøyg

How can Peer not be himself? The Bøyg speaks to Peer in Riddles. Featuring Solveig’s song sung by Jana.Support the show.

2 – Peer Gynt. In The Hall of the Mountain King

Peer Gynt, a poor boy with big dreams, has run away to the mountains. He meets a green lady who introduces him to the Mountain King of the Trolls.Support the show.

1 – Peer Gynt. The Magic Reindeer Ride

The famous Norwegian fairy tale that includes trolls and flying reindeer ! Peer Gynt is a storyteller – his mother calls him a fibber – but his tales are spellbinding and hilarious.Support the show.

Christmas Carol ~ Silent Night

Jana and Amarni sing this Christmas Waltz in duo. Our gentle and lovely version of Silent Night.Support the show.

The Two Witch Cats