I’m dropping by to recommend a delightful book published by the wonderful Candlewick Press who are kindly supporting Storynory.

It’s called Don’t Worry Little Crab by Chris Haughton, and it’s a picture book that will enchant younger readers with its

Little Crab and Very Big Crab live in a tiny rock pool near the sea. Today they’re going for a dip in the big ocean. “This is going to be so great,” says Little Crab, splish-splashing and squelch-squelching along, all the way to the very edge. Then comes a first glance down at the waves. WHOOSH! Maybe it’s better if they don’t go in?

Chris Haughton’s illustrations are clean and modern, and the characters, Little Crab and Very Big Crab are funny and engaging, but what I most love about this book are the gorgeous marine colours - wonderful, vivid turquoises, greens and blues.