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Add your kids podcast to the Fun Kids Podcast Nettwork

Joining the network

We're interested in hearing from any podcasters that produce children's content with a strong audience in the UK. We're keen to add high quality, brand-safe children's podcast to the network.

Benefits of Joining

Free Hosting and Bandwidth

All of our shows are hosted on our own systems. This means you get access to a world-leading and easy to use CMS, unlimited bandwidth and the ability to set up as many channels as you like

Advertising Integration

When you upload your shows you’ll set where you want any advertising to appear, so it’ll work with the natural flow of your podcast. 

Choose What Ads Run

We’re a family based network, so all of our advertisers will be appropriate for your content. However, you’ll still have the ability to veto any campaigns from appearing on your podcast.

Free Promotion

Podcasts that are part of the network get free promotion on other relevant podcasts – so are a great way to grow your audience. 


We don’t just sell adverts, we arrange promotions with companies to give away great prizes – a brilliant way to reward your listeners for tuning in.

Best Practice

Support from the Fun Kids team to help grow your podcast. Draw on our relationships with press, Apple, Google and Spotify to gain promotion and build your audience.

Network Requirements

The FKPN is made up of high quality podcasts for children and families. Your podcast needs to be produced well, targeting children and families and be safe for brands. To get the benefits of being a part of the network you also need to be of scale, which means generating at least 5,000 downloads per month. 

If this is you, do get in touch by emailing