Fun Kids Launches Subscription Service

Fun Kids launches podcast subscription service Fun Kids Podcasts+

Fun Kids, the UK’s national children’s radio station and podcast network, has launched a podcast subscription service that brings together 33 of its popular titles.

Fun Kids is one of the world’s biggest providers of children’s podcasts with popular weekly titles like the Fun Kids Science Weekly, Story Quest, Stream-It and Activity Quest as well as a range of short-forms series including documentaries like My Life, factual programming like Deep Space High and Professor Hallux as well as story content like In The Beginning.

Many of the Fun Kids podcasts have previously been available on a variety of platforms with advertising, this is the first time that its catalogue is available to consumers ad-free. Fun Kids Podcasts+ subscribers can subscribe in-app on Apple Podcasts, whilst users of other platforms, including Spotify and Google Podcasts can register on the Fun Kids website and link the service to their favourite apps.

Matt Deegan, Station Manager of Fun Kids says:

“We’ve always been keen on giving families the choice of how to access our content, Fun Kids Podcasts+ means that families can now choose to get our podcasts ad-free as well as receive special bonus content by signing up for £3.49 a month/£34.99 a year.

We’re also excited that we’ve been able to provide this service direct to Apple Podcast users as well as those who use other popular apps. 

We think Fun Kids Podcasts+ provides excellent value in the kids audio market, bringing together 33 shows – a number which will grow – all for a low monthly price. Whilst testing the product we’ve been incredibly pleased with how many overseas users have signed up to get excellent quality english-language content for their families.”

The Fun Kids Podcasts+ collection of 33 shows, and over 1,000 episodes of content makes it one of the largest podcast subscription services in the UK.

The service will be promoted to existing listeners of Fun Kids podcasts, on-air on Fun Kids’ radio stations as well as to its users at, the station’s large email database and associated social channels.

To subscribe, select the option in Apple Podcasts or visit to connect it to your favourite podcast app.