Bex gets SPOOOOKY with Carrie Hope Fletcher! ?

Welcome to the scariest, most spine-tingling episode of Book Worms this year! Carrie Hope Fletcher came by the Fun Kids studio to chat all about her new spooky book, The Double Trouble Society and the Worst Curse! We'll find out what Carrie loves about Halloween, what special monster abilities she wants to have, and some behind-the-scenes chat about this new story. This is Bex's Book of the Month - or perhaps more aptly, Spook of the Month? 

You've been telling us what books you're reading and who you'd love to see on the podcast, and today we find out that Luca thinks John Dougherty would be a great Book Worms guest! We'll get right on that, Luca. His books are so funny! 

We've got some seriously spooky recommendations for you too. Attack of the Stink Monster by Nadia Shireen will bring some fright to your night with the Grimwood gang back on their paranormal adventures! Jack Meggitt-Phillips is one to check out too with his new book in The Beast and the Bethany series, Child of the Beast!

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