Fun Kids

Andy Stanton, A Celebrity-Double Bill Yes No Game & A New Feature!

The Fun Kids Download features Andy Stanton (you can catch his musical at The National Theatre until the end of August), a Yes No Game show-down with both Sam & Mark off the TV, and a brand new feature about what it’s like to grow up in a military …

Greta Thunberg and the future of exams

Ciaran, Michael, Bex and Vanessa chat about climate campaigner Greta Thunberg trip across the Atlantic and whether Amazon packages might soon be delivered through open windows… 
The Week Junior Show is the podcast that helps you make sense of t…

Sam & Mark Chat To Dan!

TV stars Sam & Mark are taking to the road this summer! Dan hears about their show, jam-packed with entertainment and sketches. Plus, how well do they actually know each other?

Andy Stanton’s ‘Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear – The Musical’ at The National Theatre!

Anna Louise caught up with author, and now playwright, Andy Stanton to hear about his musical! ‘Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear – The Musical’ is at The National Theatre until the end of August!

‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’, Konnie Huq’s Yes No Game & Quarry Safety with Charlie Crow!

George is back with this week’s Download featuring a celebrity Yes No Game with Konnie Huq! Plus, he hears from the stars of the brand new ‘Dora The Explorer’ film and learns about Quarry Safety.

Konnie Huq and John Dougherty

In this episode, Konnie Huq is telling us all about her brand new book, Cookie and The Most Annoying Boy in The World.
John Dougherty also spills the beans on his latest story, chatting to Bex all about his brand new book, Mark and Shark: Detectiving …

‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’ Stars Eva Longoria & Michael Peña!

Bex recently went on an adventure to Los Angeles! She met two stars from the brand new ‘Dora The Explorer’ film – Eva Longoria and Michael Peña are Dora’s parents!

Film remakes and life on the moon

In this edition of the Week Junior Show, Felicity, Bex, Ciaran and Ben debate whether film remakes are good or bad, if harmonica-blowing referees could be making their way to a football pitch near you, and we chat about what might be living on the moon…

Why Remember (The Great War – Through A London Child’s Eye)

It’s a decade after the start of the war and Edward’s father has died.  At a church memorial service, Edward contemplates the role of memorial in our society in all its aspects.

John Dougherty, Author Of ‘Mark and Shark: Detectiving and Stuff’, Chats To Bex!

What better pair to do some ‘detectiving’ than Mark and his friend Shark? Bex chats to John all about his brand new book, plus – ice cream!