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Priory Farm and Henley Festival

In this episode of Activity Quest, Meg is finding fairies and we’re learning about Henley Festival See for privacy information.

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CBBC on live TV and flights to Rwanda

On this week’s episode of The Week Junior Show we’ll find out about the arguments surrounding some flights to Rwanda, an innovative plan to cool down the Spanish capital and what goes on at the world’s most famous tennis tournament. Plus, we’ll have a debate all about whether CBBC should be moved from live TV.

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The Week Junior Show is the award-nominated news show for kids from the team behind The Week Junior magazine and the UK’s children’s radio station, Fun Kids. There’s a new episode every Friday where writers and editors discuss and digest bits from that week’s issue.

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Juniper’s Sundial

Do you know what time it is now?  Don’t look at the clock or your phone or your watch!  Can you guess without peeking?
Maybe you have a ‘tick tock’ voice in your head…or maybe, like Juniper, you don’t…See for privacy inform…

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Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone 25th Anniversary Special!

Join Fun Kids presenters Bex and Dan for this very special episode of Book Worms as they celebrate and remember the 25th Anniversary of the first Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone! 
Featuring interviews with children acr…

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Refugees and rewilding

On this week’s episode of The Week Junior Show, we’ll find out about an exciting shipwreck discovery, a special protest in Sweden and a change to plans for rewilding in the UK. Plus, we’ll have a debate all about whether rich countrie…

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The Diamond Rush of Dagnavore

Darius was a diamond cutter who lived in the realm of Dagnavore – and diamonds were rare in those lands – even more rare than in our world. Noone else could do what he did – taking the rough stones and cutting them into beautiful pris…

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Alison Hammond, Romesh Ranganathan and Lolly Adefope!

This week we have a host of guests, Alison Hammond chats about the secret history of the UK in Black in Time : The Most Awesome Black Britons from Yesterday to Today where we hear the stories behind the most influential black britons in Histo…

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This episode rocks

In this week’s Activity Quest Meg is taking us on a hike to see waterfalls and Dan is showing us how we can make crystals at home!See for privacy information.

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Vote of No Confidence and reading for fun

On this week’s episode of The Week Junior Show we’ll find out about a special vote about the Prime Minister, the winner of the UK City of Culture award and what charity Save the Children has said about the generosity of young people. Plus, …

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Percy the Puffed Up Pigeon

Percy the pigeon was a bit of a show off, well except that he didn’t know he was.
That is until an even more annoying peacock entered his life and made him notice how much he enjoyed boasting…See for privacy information.

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