Say ‘sup to superheroes Onyeka and Agent Big Butt!

Welcome to a superhero episode of Book Worms! This is an extra special episode as Bex reveals to you her Book of the Month for March…

Tọlá Okogwu is here to tell you all about her new book Onyeka and the Rise of the Rebels, sequel to Academy of the Sun! Onyeka is a British-Nigerian girl who goes through all the usual parts of life, she just also happens to have a magical afro. Find out why Bex fell in love with this gassy superhero!

Amy Winfield is here too! After reading an excerpt on the last Book Worms episode, she’s here to tell us about how her and her family worked together to create The Birth of Agent Big Butt.

Hannah Peck is treating you to an excerpt from The Headline Hoax, the third instalment in her Kate on the Case series! Kate is a brilliant young reporter who deals with some larger-than-life mysteries when she is invited to a top newspaper… is this a case she can solve?

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