Superheroes don’t always need superpowers!

Welcome to this week's Book Worms! Bex will be your guide to all of the best and most exciting book releases. 

AF Steadman came into the Fun Kids studio recently to chat about the latest release in the magical Skandar series, Skandar and the Phantom Rider! Skandar is training as a unicorn rider, but as wild unicorns begin to die Skandar faces a new challenge to help save the Island. 

LD Lapinski is here to tell you all about their new book, Jamie! It's tricky to fit in, but Jamie is all about embracing the things that make us unique and cherishing those who will stand beside us. 

Finally, Angie Thomas is here with an introduction and reading from Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy! Discover a world of fantasy, inspired by African American history and folklore! Bex also has a book recommendation for you - The Rage of the Sea Witch by Roland Chambers! 

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