Sally Gardner talks Tindims of Rubbish Island

Multi-award winning author Sally Gardner chats to Bex!

She’s talking about her new book series called The Tindims of Rubbish Island.

The tiny Tindims are like the Borrowers-on-Sea, who turn our everyday rubbish into treasure.

Discover Rubbish Island which the Tindims have built entirely from things we have thrown away.

Captain Spoons, Mug, Jug, Brew, Skittle and friends are busy recycling when Ethel B Dina is blown out to sea and the Tindims must launch a rescue operation with the help of some friendly fish and surprises along the way.

Printed in dyslexia-friendly font with pictures on every page and perfect for the reluctant reader, the Tindims show keen young ecologists how to help protect our planet for the future!

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