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Learn about the human body with Professor Hallux and Nurse Nanobot! From happy hearts to extraordinary eyes, brilliant brains to gruesome germs...

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Ticklish Tickles (More Physiology Fix-Up)

Are antidotes real? (More Physiology Fix-Up)

In movies, when someone has a poison they can be given an antidote to cancel out the effect.  Hallux explore these in real life.

How We Breathe When Asleep (More Physiology Fix-Up)

How are we able to carry on sleeping when we’re asleep and our brains are taking a break?  Hallux looks into it…

Are yawns contagious? (More Physiology Fix-Up)

Scratching an Itchy Itch (More Physiology Fix-Up)

Scratching feels really nice.  Even if sometimes it can make a sore patch worse!  Hallux investigates!

Seeing Stars (More Physiology Fix-Up)

Why do we see stars when we stand up too quickly?  Hallux is on the case to find out why…

Why Ears Pop (More Physiology Fix-Up)

You might have found that your ears go pop when you are taking off in an aeroplane, or if you’ve been swimming.  Hallux explains what’s at play.

Where does water come from? (Hallux’s Hydration Helpdesk)

Tap water is one of the best things to drink to help you stay hydrated.  Hallux goes back to the source to find out where it comes from.