Fun Kids Book Worms

Hosted ByBex Lindsay

Hear about the latest kids books, meet the authors and listen to them reading their stories. 

Join Bex from the children’s radio station Fun Kids as she meets top authors who tell her about their books and also read us chapters from them!

Fun Kids Book Worms is a great vehicle to reach vociferous readers that combines book reviews with interviews of the country’s famous authors and readings from their brilliant books.

As an environment, the podcast is perfect for publishers wanting to introduce children to new titles. This can be in the form of sponsor credits, spot advertising or sponsored readings/audiobook extracts.

Hachette used the podcast last Summer to talk about their new titles…

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Jenny McLachlan, Jim Beckett, and How YOU can create your own story!

We look back at our time with Jenny McLachlan and Jim Beckett during the Book Worms Live event at the Underbelly Festival in London. We hear about their new books and how we can create our own stories!See for privacy information.

Steven Lenton, Alex Milway and A Very Hungry Moose!

Take a peek into the Book Worms live event from the Underbelly Festival on this weeks Book Worms podcast with illustrator and author Steven Lenton and author Alex Milway with a musical surprise for us!See for privacy information.

Lemony Snickett, Rob Biddulph and JM Joseph!

What makes Lemony Snicketts mind tick? Hear about his new book, Poison for Breakfast, as well as some of the hidden illustrations to look out for in Rob Biddulphs new book, Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City. And a quiz from JM Joseph!See omnystudio…

A Secret World, Birdwatching and Pants on Fire!

J M Joseph author of Pants on Fire chats about his new book, we hear all about Birdwatching from M G Leonard’s new book Twitch and we have an EXCLUSIVE reading from Jack Ryders new book, Jack’s Secret World!See for privacy infor…

Jack Ryder, Jen Carney and Elle McNicholl!

Eastenders star Jack Ryder joins Bex to chat about his new book, Jacks Secret World, we have Elle McNicholls quickfire round and a hilarious reading from Jen Carney!See for privacy information.

Victoria Hislop, Nat Luurtsema and Sally Gardner!

Find out which book got Bex tearing up this week, Victoria Hislop joins us all the way from Greece, and Nat Luurtsema and Sally Gardner read chapters of Opie Jones and The TINDIMS in this weeks Book Worms episode!See for privacy…

Nick Sharratt, Sydney Smith and Maz Evans!

The amazing author and illustrator Nick Sharratt joins Bex on this Book Worms episode as well as winner of the Carnegie medal Sydney Smith and we hear a reading from previous book of the month winner Maz Evans!See for privacy in…

Amazing Lists with Andrew Pettie and Green Poetry from Martin Kiszko!

Author of King Frank and the Knights of the Eco Quest Martin Kiszko joins Bex in this weeks Book Worms with an exciting competition, Andrew Pettie chats about some AMAZING lists that will blow your mind, and we have a reading from actor and author Cliv…

Ben Bailey Smith, Clare Weze and Clare Balding!

Ben Bailey Smith tells us more about his new book ‘Something I Said’, Clare Weze chats about the magic around her new book ‘The Lightning Catcher’ and we get a reading from Clare Baldings inspirational book, ‘Fall Off, Get Back On, Keep Going!’.See omn…