The Space Programme

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A drama serial with a rocket launch and perhaps the first child astronauts.

A small Scottish island is shocked to find itself home to a brand new space program. When two tech entrepreneurs announce their plan to make one of the local kids the world’s first child astronaut, nothing is ever the same again.

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Danny Welbeck talks Manchester United and Ronaldo

England football star Danny Welbeck tells Ayo and Chanel about joining Manchester United when he was just 8 years old. He explains you need to really enjoy working hard to become a top player. He reveals Cristiano Ronaldo is the most skilful footballer…

Herodotus: The Sacred Animals of Ancient Egypt

Herodotus tells us that ancient Egyptians worshiped cows and bulls. How and why did they do that? Bertie investigates…Support the show.

Stuck at Home homes and Guy Fawkes

Sean and Bex give you things to do whilst stuck at home, including sending us snaps of everything you’ve done so far!

Northern Lights and origami

Dan and Bex give you things to do at home including watching the Northern Lights from your bedroom and folding some paper!

At-home concerts and garlic walks

Bex and Dan chat about what to do at home including watching live stage shows and re-living past music festivals, and growing your own garlic shoots.

Puppeteering Experts From The Angel Theatre!

Bex hears from the puppeteering experts of the Angel Theatre, including on how to make your own!

“You’re cleared for take-off”

It’s the final test this week, as Lily, Vaughn and Jazmine pilot a VR shuttle simulation, while Kyle and Maddie do a spot of detective work…
Written by Eddie Robson, Produced and Directed by Simon Barnard, Sound Design by Mark He…

School uniforms at home and cardboard cars

This week we’ll be talking about a salad from space, a reason to love moths, and outdoor activity that has taken off across the country. Plus, we’ll have a debate all about school uniforms.
Tell us what you think and we might use your mess…

Fidget spinners and Google Arts and Culture

Bex discovers Google is a thing as Dan tells you how to make that famous playground toy at home!