Ben had been looking forward to staying at Gran’s for half term but the day we find him he was beginning to regret his decisions.  So far she’d had him helping to get boxes into the loft, picking vegetables in her allotment, making jam, and now he was in the big dusty shed at the bottom of the garden, sorting out old bits of wood and garden canes to make a pile for a bonfire.

As he flicked through a few of them something caught his eye.  It was a small box – not much bigger than a lunchbox but it was, unlike anything else in the shed, shiny and golden and covered in what looked like jewels!

THAT shouldn’t be here! He thought and carefully picked it up.  It was quite light and turning it over in his hands he could see some words printed on – they were rubbed away a little but it looked as if it said …ISHING BOX – was it a WISHING BOX?

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