Camera-stealing crabs and shaving foam rain

This is Stuck at Home, the brand new daily podcast from the children’s radio station Fun Kids packed with things to try, do, and listen to. Whatever brings you to this podcast, we’re here to keep you company. 

In this episode, Ben from The Week Junior tells us about a camera stealing crab, we’re paying a visit to a laboratory to find out all about our bones, George answers a question about coronavirus and climate change, and, as well as giving you things to do, we’re hearing from one little chef who’s got a recipe to share with us.

If you needed a reminder of the questions in our quick fire quiz, here they are: 

Bones are mostly made up of which mineral?

  1. Sodium 
  2. Calcium 
  3. Copper

How many ribs do we have? They’re the long bones that go across your chest.

  1. 12 ribs
  2. 24 ribs
  3. 48 ribs

Trepanning used to be an old treatment that involved drilling into which part of the body to try and make people feel better?  

  1. The skull
  2. The chest
  3. The feet

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