This is Stuck at Home, the brand new daily podcast from the children’s radio station Fun Kids packed with things to try, do, and listen to. Whatever brings you to this podcast, we’re here to keep you company. 

In this episode, we’re chatting to television legends Dick and Dom, we’re discovering just what makes our eyes so brilliant in an episode of Professor Hallux Builds a Body, and we’re giving you things to try, do, and listen to at home! 

If you needed a reminder of the questions in our quick fire quiz, here they are: 

What’s the coloured part of your eye called?

  1. Iris 
  2. Cornea 
  3. Pupil

Which nerve sends images from the eye to your brain?

  1. Synaptic nerve 
  2. Optic nerve 
  3. Spinal nerve 

True or false, the things you see shine on to your retina upside down

  1. True
  2. False

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