Could we see an EXERCISE TABLET in the future??

It's time for another trip around the solar system! In this week's Science Weekly, Dan chats to Dr David Cox about the real possibility we could see medicine replicate the benefits of exercise in the near future?

On the podcast this week:

  1. Future Exercise Medicine: Dan talks about the possibility of experiencing the benefits of exercise through medicine, particularly for people who are unable to exercise due to disabilities. Researchers are exploring hormones like Iricin, released during exercise, as potential therapeutic agents.
  2. NASA's Artemis 3 Mission: The mission to return astronauts to the moon has been delayed until at least September 2026 to allow time for the development of necessary technology, such as a lunar craft and spacesuits.
  3. Deep-Sea Mining in Norway: Norway is moving forward with commercial-scale deep-sea mining, which has raised environmental concerns about the potential impact on marine life. The government has stated that further environmental studies will be conducted before proceeding.
  4. Destruction of Confiscated Elephant Tusks: The Nigerian government destroyed £7 million worth of elephant tusks to send a message against the illegal wildlife trade. Despite bans, the ivory trade continues due to cultural demands.
  5. Benny and Mal Segment: The podcast features a segment with Benny and Mal, two microbe characters who discuss ethical dilemmas, like the implications of having X-ray vision on privacy.
  6. Listener Questions: Dan answers questions from listeners, explaining the poisonous chemicals in dishwasher tablets and the different types of rocks (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous).
  7. Gliese 436b: This exoplanet is featured in the "Dangerous Dan" segment due to its extreme heat, presence of "burning ice," and unpredictable orbit, making it a dangerous place.
  8. How Glasses Work: Technomum explains that glasses and contact lenses help correct vision by bending light onto the retina in the correct way. 

    All on this week's episode of Science Weekly!

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