EXPLORING THE FROZEN FRONTIER: What is Antarctica’s ULTRA Drone all about??

It's time for another trip around the solar system on the BIGGER and BETTER Science Weekly! 

This episode of the Fun Kids Science Weekly we continue our bigger and better podcast where we put YOUR questions to our team of experts, have scientists battle it out for which science is the best & learn all about what's so amazing about the Windraces ULTRA drone and it's journey to Antarctica.

Dan starts with the latest science news, where we learn about Space X's mission to land on the South Pole on the Moon, why Polar Bears face starvation? And Miriam McNabb from Drone Life joins us to explain the UK's mission to learn more about antarctica through it's Windracers ULTRA drone mission.

Then we delve into your questions where Dan answers Arthur's query on whether the Earth will ever run out of water and then we pose Tolu's question on why we burp to Naomi Lavelle AKA Dr How Stuff Wows

Dangerous Dan continues and we learn all about the Gila Monster - one of most deadly creatures in North America

The Battle of the Sciences continues where Dan chats to Professor Jan Zalasiewicz from the University of Leicester all about why Geology is the best! Then we pay a visit to Finlay from our Geology Rocks series where we learn all about the importance of Fossils.

What do we learn about?

- Space X's mission to the moon

- Britain's Antarctica drone mission

- Why we burp?

- The Gila Monster - North America's deadly lizard

- Why Geology is the best type of science?

All on this week's episode of Science Weekly!

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