GALACTIC MYSTERIES: Unveiling the Secrets Behind the World of Astrophysics­čîî

It's time for another trip around the solar system on the BIGGER and BETTER Science Weekly! 

This episode of the Fun Kids Science Weekly we continue our bigger and better podcast where we answer YOUR questions, have scientists battle it out for which science is the best & learn all about why AI has been enlisted to find the world's loneliest tree a partner.

Dan starts with the latest science news, where we learn about a study in Kenya that has discovered that elephants have nicknames for each other, how the smallest known ape in the world's fossil - the Buronious Manfredschmidi - has been found in Germany and Laura Cinti from the University of Southampton tells us about the world's loneliest plant and why AI has been asked to help find it a partner?

Then we delve into your questions where Dan answers Astrid's question on what animal is the best hunter?

Dangerous Dan continues and we learn all about the Brown Recluse Spider from North America and why it's venom is so feared?

The Battle of the Sciences continues where Dan chats to Nigel Clarke from the University of Sheffield about why Materials Physics is the best kind of science?

What do we learn about?

- Elephants having nicknames

- The world's smallest known ape's fossil being discovered

- Why the world's loneliest plant needs a partner?

- What animal is the best hunter?

- Is Materials Physics the best type of science?

All on this week's episode of Science Weekly!

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