Science Weekly 2023: The BEST Science of the Year!

It's the end of 2023, and Earth has completed another calendar orbit around the sun. A lot of science has happened in that time! Let us reflect...

In this special edition of Science Weekly, Dan revisits conversations with four brilliant guests from 2023. We have Ted Melville about how he got into rocket building, and his team's journey to the World Space modelling Championships! Amy Meek, founder of Kids Against Plastic, tells us all about her mission to look after the environment! Anna Horleston, Planetary Seismologist speaks all NASA’s InSight Mars Mission – which will help us figure out just what Mars is made of! Last but not least Mike Gunton and Tim Walker from the BBC Natural History Unit who were the big brains behind Prehistoric Planet.

Techno Mum explains how digital cameras work & Microbes Bene and Mal look at the ethical dilemmas behind if we to ever gain x-ray vision! Rockets, Dinosaurs, and all manners of science await in this glorious review of a spectacular year for science. Have yourself a happy new year! 

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