The Three Knights

The kingdom is in a right mess with rubbish, waste and dirty water building up everywhere as King Frank found out to his cost when his bath pipes exploded and knocked him out. Princess Aqualine remembers a story about of a missing source of pure clean water – the Fountain of Frank – but does it exist and can it be found?


Written by Martin Kiszko, Produced and Directed by Andy Cartwright, Sound Design by John Scott, Music by Martin Kiszko. A Soundscape Production for Fun Kids, the UK's children's radio station, supported by the Audio Content Fund. Haroldia: Toyah Willcox, King Frank: Andrew Dunn, Queen Eileen: Andrina Carroll, Princess Aqualine: Emily Spowage, Catrain: Garcia Brown, Leofrick: Aqib Khan, Alf: Nathan Morris, Lester the Jester/Messenger: Ian Billings.

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