WINGS OF WONDER: The Science of Aeroplanes & Rockets✈️🚀

It's time for another trip around the solar system on the BIGGER and BETTER Science Weekly! 

This episode of the Fun Kids Science Weekly we continue our bigger and better podcast where we put YOUR questions to our team of experts, have scientists battle it out for which science is the best & learn all about a brand new archaeology gallery opening in Kent.

Dan starts with the latest science news, where we learn about Elon Musk's Starship rocket and its breakthrough landing, how a family Bornean Clouded Leopards were caught on camera for the very first time and Evelyn Palmer from the Maidstone Museum tells us all about their newest galley called 'Lives in our Landscape' all about the archaeology of Kent.

Then we delve into your questions where Dan explains what the strongest material in the universe is and we pose Bradley's question on how aeroplanes work to Science Writer Chris Woodford

Dangerous Dan continues and we learn all about the Himalayan Black Bear and why it's so feared

The Battle of the Sciences continues where Dan chats to Professor Sean Goult from the University of Liverpool about why Mechanobiology is the best kind of science?

What do we learn about?

- Why Elon Musk and other companies entering the space race is so important?

- The first ever pictured Bornean Clouded Leopard

- How Maidstone Museum is teaching the people of Kent about it's history through a new archaeology gallery

- How aeroplanes and rockets work?

- Is Mechanobiology the best type of science?

All on this week's episode of Science Weekly!

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