Geocaching, surfing in Kent, and Cressida Cowell’s Reading is Magic Festival

Geocaching is a sport that involves finding hidden treasure in the real world using nothing but your phone. Sean gives it a go in this episode of Activity Quest and talks to Chris Ronan from Geocaching HQ in Seattle all about the game. 

We're also talking to Fritha from the Reading is Magic Festival and Cressida Cowell. That's an online book festival that starts on the 27th September. It's packed with inspirational authors – you should definitely ask your teachers to put it on in the classroom! 

George is telling us all about what's happening across the UK, including paying a visit to the World Museum in Liverpool to find out all about the stars and seas, and we also go surfing with Andrew (Shaggy) from Kent Surf School

All of that, plus Anna Louise gives us an update from her Mini Farm all about the chick you named! 

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