Fun Kids Interviews

Jasbinder Bilan, Author Of ‘Asha and the Spirit Bird’, Chats To Bex!

Bex welcomes Jasbinder Bilan into the studio – she has a brand new book out, ‘Asha and the Spirit Bird’, which is award-winning!

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Tom Holland Chatted to Conor at the Red Carpet Premiere of ‘Onward’!

‘Onward’ is the brand new, exciting film from Pixar featuring the voice of Tom Holland! Conor met Tom had its red carpet premiere to hear more about it!

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Jacqueline King, Author of ‘Cake For The Gestapo,’ Chats To Bex!

‘Cake For The Gestapo’ is a brand new book from Jacqueline King, following the story of a group of friends, based in the Nazi occupation of Jersey. Bex hears all about it!

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‘Onward’ Producer Kori Rae Chatted To Dan!

‘Onward’ is the brand new, exciting film from Disney and Pixar! Dan spoke to the Producer, Kori Rae, all about it.

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Young Audio Award 2020 Nominees Announced!

Celina Sharma

Celina Sharma is Conor’s Next Big Thing all this week so he got her on the phone to have a chat about her single CHALO and how she’s adapting to life in the UK

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BONUS: The Space Programme

Subscribe to The Space Programme by searching for it wherever you’re listening to this or by tapping here:
The Space Programme is a brand new radio drama from the UK’s children’s radio station, Fun Kids. Listen to it wherever…

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‘Call of the Wild’ Stars Harrison Ford & Omar Sy!

Sonic The Hedgehog On The Fun Kids Breakfast Show

Sonic The Hedgehog dropped by the Fun Kids studio to help Sean and Robot on the Breakfast Show. The guys talk all about Sonic’s new film, read your birthday shout outs, discuss what Robotnik’s problem is, and Sonic answers your questions!
Sonic The He…

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