Kids in the Past

Arriving In Britain (The Windrush Story)

Yolanda find’s out what life in Britain was like for the people who emigrated to Britain on the Empire Windrush and the later ships.See for privacy information.

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The Journey To Britain (The Windrush Story)

Yolanda learns about why people from the Caribbean decided to make the journey to Britain and what it was like on ships like the Windrush.See for privacy information.

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Life In Post War Britain (The Windrush Story)

Yolanda learns about what life was like in Britain after the second world war and why help was so desperately needed from the people in the British Colonies.See for privacy information.

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Migration (The Windrush Story)

Yolanda looks into the history of migration in this country including the Windrush Generation arriving in Britain after the Second World War.See for privacy information.

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Introduction To Windrush (The Windrush Story)

Yolanda learns about the Caribbean immigrants who came to Britain’s aid, many on the iconic ship the Windrush.See for privacy information.

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The Homes We Live In (Adventures Through Time)

Cast iron houses were quick to build, with materials in plentiful supply…

Until the price of bricks dropped, making cast iron houses too expensive to make.

That’s why there was only 4 cast iron houses built in Dudley!

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The Newcomen Engine (Adventures Through Time)

The Newcomen steam engine was a tremendous invention by Mr. Thomas Newcomen – first installed in the Black Country in 1712!

This time of engine was put to work in mines all over the country, and helped to change the world.

The power of steam …

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On the Move (Adventures Through Time)

Roads have changed a lot, and so have vehicles!

Motor vehicles, such as motorbikes and cars, as well as trams and trains, have revolutionised the lives of everyday folk. Helping people travel more easily and farther than they ever have before.

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The Anchor Forge (Adventures Through Time)

The anchor and chains for the Titanic, and her sister ships Olympic and Britannic, were made in the Black Country – the anchors were some of the biggest ever made!

The anchor was over 15 tonnes and 18 feet long!

Chains and anchors came in all…

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Life on the Canal (Adventures Through Time)

Did you know the Black Country used to be known as Birmingham-on-Sea?

The boat people never stayed in one place for long, they were responsible for moving cargo – even Cadburys chocolate!

People moved cargo along the canals until just after t…

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