Robot Librarians ATTACK in Sam Copeland and Jenny Pearson’s new tale!!!

It's not often you see two authors for one book, and even rarer for them to be writing two separate stories! Bex caught up with author duo Sam Copeland and Jenny Pearson to chat all about their new book, Attack of the Robot Librarians! What was it like for Jenny to write one protagonist and Sam to write the other? It turns out, they hated it! Or are they just kidding? Listen to find out! 

We've also got Jamie Littler on the show to tell us all about Arkspire! Part of a brand new fantasy series about a city run by magic, Arkspire is perfect for fans of the magical and mysterious.

We've got a recommendation for you too! Next month, OH MAYA GODS! by Maz Evans is out! Greek mythology lovers rejoice, this is the book for you. 

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