In this story we learn how the earth is created and how domestic relationships sometimes have to be managed.

In the beginning there is nothing but water. Silver Fox is lonely and thinks Coyote into being. Together they sing the world into existence and go down to live on it. They live in harmony together except for the fact that Coyote is always hungry and Silver Fox keeps going out to get things to eat but he gobbles everything up and never shares or saves food. She eventually gets fed up of his antics and sets a trap. She's a crafty fox and teaches Coyote her worth and they live in harmony after that.

This story is from the Miwok tribe of indigenous people (also known as Native Americans or American Indians) who have lived  in North America (Turtle Island) for at least 15,000 years. Coyote and Silver Fox represent the first people and even though they are animals they behave just the way people would. Coyote, who features in many stories, is often represented as a trickster and makes frivolous decisions and as you can hear in this story he is always hungry. Silver Fox is more serious and wise.  

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