In the Beginning starts 13th July 2022

Why are we here, how did we get here and who are we anyway?

These profound questions have given rise to creation stories, shared across cultures and societies to help us humans make sense of the world and there are many commonalities between these stories.

In the Beginning brings ten of these ancestral tales to life. 

These stories transport us through the cosmos, into dreamtime, down a golden chain and through nature’s arc where we meet animals, gods and spirits -  the makers, shapers and creators. 

There’s a summer storm and it’s been raining all day, on and off, then on again. The children are inside with Hawa, our storyteller. She has been gathering creation stories since the beginning of time, from every corner of the earth. Where will she take us today? 

Introduced by Chizzy Akudolu and narrated by Nicole Davis

Written and produced by Hawa Khan and Lucia Scazzocchio.

A Sonomatopoeia / Social Broadcasts production for Fun Kids, supported by The Audio Content Fund.

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