This story tells how there was a terrible drought followed by a lethal flood.

There's a terrible drought and all the animals get together and realise that all water is being held inside a giant frog called Tidilick, the only way to get the water out is to make the frog laugh. They decide to hold a talent contest 'Get Out of Drought'. The Kookaburra tries and fails, the Frill Lizard tries and fails, the Crane tries and fails and finally the Short Finned Eel succeeds and Tidilick the frog laughs so much that the earth is flooded.

This story is from Australia where the First Nations (Aboriginal) people have lived for over 65 thousand years. This dreaming story from the Gurnaikurnai people, 'Tidilick The Frog' that tells of the natural history of the area and the flood records the period of natural change. The Lurtbit Yauung Brataualung clan group recorded this story which depicts the natural history of the country going through a turbulent time of great natural change, which shaped the landscape as we know it today.

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