Deep Space High

Hosted ByProfessor Pulsar

It's the podcast about an intergalactic school in space! Join your schoolmates - aliens, robots and humans - as we explore the universe!

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Space For All: Physical Education

‘Space For All’ is the latest series from Deep Space High all about all the different types of careers that are available in space exploration… there are more jobs then just being an astronaut you know! 
In this episode the gang find out what s…

A future space flight (Spaceports)

Experts think that commercial space travel will be as common as air travel in as little as 50 years.   Sam imagines what it would be like to take a trip from a space port.

What might space planes be made of? (Spaceports)

The technology used to manufacture space planes will include some amazing new materials – Sam finds out more..

What will spaceports look like? – Runways (Spaceports)

Sam explores how different types of spacecraft need different types of runway, and about the kind of space runways we could see in the UK.

Who will use spaceports? – Satellite launches (Spaceports)

What will people do at spaceports? (Spaceports)

As an increasing number of companies get involved in space exploration, there will be more jobs to be done – Sam looks at some of these careers.

Why do we need spaceports? (Spaceports)

Sam’s making a presentation for his class at Deep Space High – all about the exciting developments in spaceports on his home planet of Earth.  He explores what they are and why we need to think about them.