Deep Space High

Hosted ByProfessor Pulsar

It's the podcast about an intergalactic school in space! Join your schoolmates - aliens, robots and humans - as we explore the universe!

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What might space planes be made of? (Spaceports)

The technology used to manufacture space planes will include some amazing new materials – Sam finds out more..

What will spaceports look like? – Runways (Spaceports)

Sam explores how different types of spacecraft need different types of runway, and about the kind of space runways we could see in the UK.

Exploring with the Solar Dynamics Observatory (Intergalactic Weather Watch)

Sam, Stats and Quark take a trip to see one of the busiest satellites in the sky – the Solar Dynamics Observatory. Taking readings across a wide variety of wavelengths, it helps get the full picture of activity around the sun.

Effect of Space Weather On Humans (Intergalactic Weather Watch)

Outside the protective magnetosphere, there’s nothing between humans and the powerful radiation from the solar winds. Sam, Stats and Quark find out how it isn’t just astronauts who are at risk – even aircraft passengers can be affected.

Exploring with the Cluster Missions (Intergalactic Weather Watch)

Sam, Stats and Quark are exploring some of the projects through which scientists measure and investigate solar activity. One project is the European Space Agency’s Cluster Mission.

Exploring with the SPACESTORM and STEREO (Intergalactic Weather Watch)

Sam, Stats and Quark are finding out about SPACESTORM – a way to predict the effect of space weather on satellites – and take a trip to the far side of the Sun to see STEREO.

Inside The Sun (Intergalactic Weather Watch)

The source of most of the space weather affecting Earth is The Sun. In this episode, the class take a trip inside the star to see where it all starts.

What is Space Weather? (Intergalactic Weather Watch)

Sam, Stats and Quark are finding out what space weather is all about.  And find that like the weather on Earth, it changes all the time – although sometimes slightly more dramatically.

Different Types of Space Weather (Intergalactic Weather Watch)

Sam, Stats and Quark are finding out about different types of space weather – from magnetic storms to cosmic rays, solar wind and coronal mass ejections.  There’s a lot going on up there!