Deep Space High

Hosted ByProfessor Pulsar

It's the podcast about an intergalactic school in space! Join your schoolmates - aliens, robots and humans - as we explore the universe!

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Destination Mars – Designing A Mars Rover – Landing

Landing on Mars is one of the hardest part of any mission.  Most Mars missions have ended in failure due to problems landing so as design challenges go, it’s a big one! The class discover why.

Destination Mars – Designing A Mars Rover – Inorganic Materials

The class think about the challenge of making sure nothing organic from earth goes along for the ride on the ExoMars Rover. They would be nothing worse than accidently finding some old flu cells on Mars!

Destination Mars – Designing A Mars Rover – Dust

Dust is a fact of life on Mars – and it gets everywhere!  The class think about the challenges that dust presents the designers of the ExoMars Rover. 

Destination Mars – Homework! A History of Robots In Space

Sam has homework for his class on Mars – to find out about more robots used in space exploration. He finds that there have been quite a few!

Destination Mars – Designing A Mars Rover – Temperature

The class think about the extremes of temperature on Mars and look at some of the design features that an ExoMars Rover will have to help cope.

Destination Mars – Designing A Mars Rover – Introduction

The class start to think about how you go about designing an ExoMars Rover.  It’ll need to be able to withstand the conditions on Mars – and Mars can be a tough place…

Destination Mars – Why Do We Want To Go To Mars

Pulsar explains why Mars is so interesting to earthlings – it may be able to sustain life – in fact life may already be on the planet. He tells them all about a new mission that hopes to find out more.

Destination Mars – Welcome to Mars

Principle Pulsar is kicking off a new school project to the class of Deep Space High – all about Mars, a planet in the Solar System that’s got earthlings very excited…

Professor Pulsar’s Space Explanation Service – Can Pets go to Space?

Experts on all things space tell us whether pets can really go to Space and we find out how many people have visited Space!