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Alasdair Beckett-King and Claire Powell chat all things mysterious with Bex!

Welcome to Meets, where the Fun Kids crew meet your favourite stars! Bex recently spoke to author Alasdair Beckett-King and illustrator Claire Powell about an amazing new mystery novel, Montgomery Bonbon: Murder at the Museum. Find out how the pair wor…

Alesha Dixon on loving animals and Luna Wolf: Animal Wizard!!

George has been chatting to Alesha Dixon about her new book, Luna Wolf: AnimalWizard! Find out what you’ll love about this story and hear all about Alesha’s own pets, her love for writing, and extra gossip about what she’s up to this year! See omnystud…

Katie and Kevin Tsang teach us all about SPACE!

Author duo Katie and Kevin Tsang are chatting to Bex all about their latest book Suzie and the Moonbugs, the second book in their Space Blasters series! How many moons does Jupiter have? Katie and Kevin know! See for privacy inf…

Bex teaches Jenny Slate British slang!

Bex has been chatting to the star of Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, Jenny Slate! She even had time to teach her a VERY British phrase…See for privacy information.

Surprising Jacob Tremblay for his Birthday!

Recently Bex spoke to the incredible actor Jacob Tremblay about the brand-new Netflix movie, My Father’s Dragon.
But Bex realised it was his birthday a few days before the interview, and decided to surprise him…See for privac…

Matilda The Musical star Alisha Weir teaches us how to be Naughty!

Dan recently caught up with the star of Matilda The Musical, Alisha Weir, in her first ever solo interview to find out all about the smash-hit musical!See for privacy information.

Antonio Banderas tells us all about Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Puss in Boots himself, Antonio Banderas, popped by the Fun Kids studio to have a chat with Conor about the epic new Puss in Boots adventure, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.See for privacy information.

Ben Miller chats The Night We Got Stuck in a Story

Awesome author and Bex’s BFF Ben Miller popped by the Fun Kids studio to chat about his wicked new book, The Night We Got Stuck in a Story.See for privacy information.