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Catherine Doyle, Author of ‘Miracle on Ebenezer Street’, Speaks to Bex!

Catherine Doyle chats to Bex about her new Christmas book, Miracle on Ebenezer Street!See for privacy information.

Christopher Lloyd, author of the ‘Britannica Children’s Encyclopedia’ Speaks to Dan!

Christopher Lloyd chats to Dan about some Known Unknown Facts and his new book, the Britannica Childrens Encyclopedia!See for privacy information.

YolanDa from ‘YolanDa’s Band Jam’ chats to Dan!

YolanDa from ‘YolanDa’s Band Jam’ speaks to Dan about how important music is during lockdown as well as her new album!See for privacy information.

The Cast of CBBC’s ‘Itch’ chat to Conor!

Samuel Ireland and Kylah Day who play Itch and Lucy in the new CBBC series ‘Itch!’ chat to Conor about the new show!See for privacy information.

Emily Gravett, Author of ‘Too Much Stuff!’ chats to Bex!

Bex chats to Emily Gravett, an English author and illustrator about her new book, ‘Too Much Stuff!’See for privacy information.

Michelle Paver, Author of ‘The Chronicles of Darkness’ Series chats to Bex!

Michelle Paver joins Bex to talk about the newest edition in the Chronicle of Darkness Series, ‘Vipers Daughter’.See for privacy information.

The Cast of the Secret Garden Speaks to Conor!

Conor speaks with the cast of The Secret Garden, Dixie Egerickx and Edan Hayhurst about the new film!See for privacy information.

Zaro Weil, Author of ‘Cherry Moon’ and Winner of the CliPPA Award!

Bex chats to poet Zaro Weil who is the winner of the CliPPA Award for her book, ‘Cherry Moon’!See for privacy information.

Andy Day, from Andy and the Odd Socks, chats to Bex!

Bex is joined by Andy Day from Andy and the Odd Socks to talk about his new single, The Kids Are United for Odd Socks Day!See for privacy information.