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4th Impact on Fun Kids!

4th Impact girls Almira and Celina chat to Dan about life after X Factor and who they want to win the X Factor final this weekend!

Guinness World Record Attempt at Winterville!

Sean heads down to Winterville at Victoria Park to watch the Guinness World Record attempt at the amount of presents wrapped in 3 minutes! 

Dominic Davies on Fun Kids!

Backyard Cinema founder Dominic Davies chats to Dan about Winterville. They chat about Winterville Christmas Screenings and how Fun Kids listeners get to see a special video before too! 

LEGO’s Warren Elsmore on Fun Kids!

Dan chats to LEGO masterbuilder Warren Elsmore and we hear about him breaking Guiness World Records with brick building! Plus we find out what’s to come for Brick 2015 later this week including the fact there’s 3 MILLION bricks to play around wit…

LEGO Masterbuilder Duncan on Fun Kids!

Sean caught up with LEGO Masterbuilder Duncan at Covent Garden and asked him a whole bunch of questions you sent in for us to ask! We find out how to build a solid LEGO roof and whether Duncan has ever stepped on a brick barefoot!

Genie from CBBC’s Jamillah and Aladdin on Fun Kids!

Bex chats to the Genie in CBBC’s Jamillah and Aladdin and we find out what it’s like to play the Genie and all the cool happenings in the brand new show. 
Every Sunday morning on CBBC from 8:45am! 

Janet Devlin on Fun Kids!

Janet Devlin catches up with Sean at the Hard Rock Cafe in London! We hear all about her brand new Christmassy EP, December Daze and all the fun Janet has planned for Christmas this year! 

The Good Dinosaur – Pete Sohn on Fun Kids!

The Good Dinosaur’s director Pete Sohn and producer Denise Ream chat to Bex about Disney’s The Good Dinosaur. We hear all about cute dinosaurs and all the action behind the film. Plus, Bex tests our their Dinosaur knowledge!  

Chris Tomlinson on Fun Kids!

Chris Tomlinson, GB Long Jumper athlete chats to Dan about the Sports for Schools scheme and all the bones that he has broken on his body! Plus we hear about all the fun Chris gets up to when he visits schools too.