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Sean catches up with The Vamps!

Sean chats to James from The Vamps about their brand new single ‘Wake Up’. Sean finds out all about their upcoming tour and where they like to perform the most. Plus, we hear about what games they like to play. 

Dan Meets Cbeebies’ Andy Day!

Dan catches up with Cbeebies presenter Andy Day about his brand new album ‘Andy And The Odd Socks – Who Invited This Lot?’.
Andy chats about odd socks, why he wears them plus songs about bum cheeks that talk to each other!  

Bex meets the cast of Dangermouse!

Bex chats to the cast of the Dangermouse series including the narrator and the cool side-kick hamster Penfold and about what they each loved about the show!
Alexander Armstrong also tells us about the amazing Dangermouse and what it feels like to play…

Sean Meets Carly Rae Jepsen!

Sean catches up with the ‘I really really really really really really like you’ singer Carly Rae Jepson.
Sean finds out all the gossip about Carly’s latest single, ‘Run Away With Me’ and they chat about some of Carly’s fav…

Bex meets the cast of Bill and Horrible Histories!

The cast of Bill and Horrible Histories, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas and Jim Howick speak to Bex about the new Shakespeare film Bill.
Simon, Martha and Jim share their favourite scenes, the fun behind the camera and the multiple characters they…

Dan chats with Austin Mahone!

Austin Mahone chats with Dan from Fun Kids Junior about his fun brand new single, ‘Dirty Work’, fruit throwing with Taylor Swift AND performing for the U.S President. Plus Austin gives Dan some dancing tips including hopping, swaying a…

Sean Meets the Voice of Mario Charles Martinet!

Sean chats to the voice of Super Mario about the new game Super Mario Maker and even gets some tips as to how to do the best Mario impression!

Bex Meets Mabel Jones author Will Mabbit!

Will Mabbit catches up with Bex from The Club and they talk about his new book ‘The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones’ which is both scary and hilarious! They also chat about pork pies and pirates. Plus Will Mabbit gives you tips on writing and h…

Sean Meets David Baddiel!

David Baddiel chats with Sean about drawings, imagination and comedy. David also mentions how you can enter your animations to the Cartoon Network Imagination Studios! 
David is ambassador for Cartoon Network Imagination Studios.