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Learn about the human body with Professor Hallux and Nurse Nanobot! From happy hearts to extraordinary eyes, brilliant brains to gruesome germs...

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Making Drinking Water (Hallux’s Hydration Helpdesk)

From condensation to desalination, new technology is helping create more drinking water.  Hallux takes a look.

Water that you shouldn’t drink (Hallux’s Hydration Helpdesk)

You’ll find water everywhere – from rock pools to swimming pools. Is all water good to drink? Is there any that we should avoid?  Hallux finds out.

What about other drinks? (Hallux’s Hydration Helpdesk)

Cool Gadgets Around the Home (Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk)

As well as hearing aids, there are many household gadgets which can help people with hearing loss.  Hallux finds out more.

Sport Technology (Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk)

Taking part in and watching sports is a popular pastime – and that includes people with hearing loss.  We look at how hearing technology can help.

Everyday Hearing Devices (Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk)

It’s not just people with hearing loss who can make use of hearing aid and amplification technology – even rockstars can use them too!

What’s that whooshing sound? (Hallux’s Hearing Helpdesk)