Sean & Robot’s Comedy Circuit

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Welcome to the world of Sean and Robot – a human and a robot who live in a house together.

Welcome to the world of Sean and Robot – a human and a robot who live in a house together.

This is their Comedy Circuit where you can hang out in their strange world. Want to have a comedy song made up just for you? You’re in luck. Robot used to be in a band and he is after your suggestions for song titles. The better the title you suggest, the funnier the song will be! Sean is going to pick the very best title every episode.

Each week you can hear from the other Robots that our Robot knows. Hear what do robots get up to when humans aren’t around.

Robot thinks he’s interviewed lots of famous people so you can hear some of his celebrity interviews, although Sean isn’t too sure how genuine these are.

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Season finale

It’s the final episode of the first season of Sean and Robot’s Comedy Circuit and there’s a celebration… See for privacy information.

Getting Ready for Robot’s Birthday

While everyone is getting ready for Robot’s big birthday, Sean is mystified by everybody also seemingly having BIG HUGE Annoucnements to make at the party. What would these announcements mean for the future of the comedy circuit podcast?See omnystudio….

The Hamster Wheel In My Head

Sean and Robot with special guest George make you giggle in the latest episode of Sean and Robot’s Comedy Circuit See for privacy information.

Robot Got His Own Radio Show

It is hard to believe that any radio boss would let it happen, but for New Year’s Eve, Robot was given his own one-off radio show so he invited all his best robot friends but no humans. Poor Sean wasn’t allowed to be a part of it. But how did it sound?…

Christmas With Sean and Robot

You can celebrate Christmas with Sean and Robot by joining them in reliving some of the best podcast moments of the year. Hear some of Katy’s best songs, some of Robot’s best robot friends and some of George’s best jokes (that bit might be quite short)…

Sean and Robot in The One Where Katy and George are Pokémon

The Pokemon world is the setting for this week’s podcast so what could go wrong? Will Katy survive this much less dangerous game? They may be in the Pokemon world this week but there’s still a song from Katy. This week “My Cat Is…

Sean and Robot Sonic

This week the gang are trapped in the world of Sonic The Hedgehog. Sean, Robot, Katy, George and Arnold Goldburger have been playing video games on Robot’s server every week and every week they seem to get trapped in the game. Will they escape th…

Super Mario Robot

We’ve been sucked into a game again and this time it’s a full-on Super Mario fest. Will George’s jokes land him in trouble? Will Robot get Sean into trouble again? Will Katy and Arnold Goldburger survive? There’s only one way to…

Robot’s Inner Minecraft

This week, the Comedy Circuit crew have been sucked into Robot’s circuits again and this time they are stuck in a game of Minecraft.
Fear not, Katy still has a song but Sean and Robot need to save George because his jokes are about to get him in…