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Ben Bailey Smith, Clare Weze and Clare Balding!

Ben Bailey Smith tells us more about his new book ‘Something I Said’, Clare Weze chats about the magic around her new book ‘The Lightning Catcher’ and we get a reading from Clare Baldings inspirational book, ‘Fall Off, Get Back On, Keep Going!’.See omn…

Dragon Realm Authors Kevin and Katie Tsang, Ben Garrod and L.D Lapinski!

Scientist and broadcaster Ben Garrod, Strangeworlds Travel Agency author L.D Lapinski gives us a reading from her new book and Dragon Realm authors Kevin and Katie Tsang join Bex this week in the Book Worms Podcast!See for priva…

David Tennant, Patience Agbabi and Luke & Sean from the Breakfast Show

Sean from the Breakfast Show is joined not by Robot but by his co-author Luke to chat about their new book Jamie McFlair and the Boyband Generator, as well as a reading of Terry Pratchetts The Carpet People which tells the story of a whole world living…

Clare Balding, Jen Carney and Ben Miller!

Clare Balding tells us more about her new book, we get a reading from Jen Carney and we catch up with Ben Miller!See for privacy information.

Andy Griffiths, Author of 130 Storey Treehouse and Jess Kidd!

This week on Book Club, Andy Griffiths, Author of the 130 Storey Treehouse chats to Bex about all the nonsense that goes on in his book, and we get an exclusive reading from Jess Kidd on her new book, Everyday Magic!See for…

Michelle Obama and Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace talks about his new book ‘The Day the Screens Wet Blank’ and Michelle Obama reads her new version of her book ‘Becoming’. Michelle Obama reading from her bestselling memoir BECOMING. The Younger Readers edition of BECOMING published by Pu…

The Ickabog and MC Grammar!

We have a exclusive reading of Chapter 1 of the Ickabog, taken from the audiobook edition of The Ickabog, produced by Audible Studios, as well as an interview with The World Book Day Song rapper MC Grammar and an exclusive reading of Opie Jones Talks t…

Maz Evans and Nat Luurtsema!

Author of our Book of the Month, Maz Evans joins us to talk about her book V.I Spy, and we have Nat Luurtsema to chat about her hilarious book Opie Jones talks to Animals!See for privacy information.

Sally Gardner, plus Rakhshan Rizwan and Yusuf!

We have the author of THE TINDIMS as well as Rakhshan Rizwan and Yusuf, the mum and son team who wrote the Poetry Book my Sneezes are Perfect!See for privacy information.