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Join the team behind The Week Junior and Bex from Fun Kids to find out about the week's news.

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A debate about the Prime Energy Drink

It’s another fun packed show with the team from The Week Junior, where we discuss whether shops should name their own price for the Prime Energy Drink. Plus are scientists PAYING people to eat cheese before bed? See for privacy …

Teacher strikes and a war against wee?

This week on the Week Junior show we tell you what you need to know about the upcoming teacher strikes, one man in Cheltenham’s war against wee and have a big debate about easter eggs!See for privacy information.

Ravi’s dream and the anniversary of the London Underground

This week we are hearing how one boy is making people’s dreams come true, celebrating the anniversary of the Llondon Underground and have some super cute seal news!See for privacy information.

The Great Creature Count and a debate about the cinema!

This week on The Week Junior, we hear all about London Zoo’s great creature count! We also debate whether it’s better to watch movies in the cinema or at home! Plus there’s an extra terrestrial Real or Rubbish for you to solve! 
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Sea spiders and a limit on screen time?

Welcome to the first episode of The Week Junior Show of 2023! Eve and Vanessa share their resolutions with Bex, Eve tells us about some terrifying sea spiders plus we have a big debate on whether there should be a limit on screen time!See…

The Week Junior Christmas Special!

It’s a special edition of the week junior as the whole team gathers to share Christmas traditions and their favourite stories of the year! We also hear from some of The Week Junior Heroes of the year! 
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Unusual Festive Traditions and a Walrus in Southampton!

This week, the team from the Week Junior talk about some strange festive traditions, we hear about an unexpected visit from a Walrus in Southampton and our big debate is all about unusual baby names!
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Understanding Strep A, a life-saving dog, and a sky-diving experience

This week, the team from the Week Junior tell you all you need to know about Strep A and also we learn about a famous dog called Swansea Jack
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Incredible beetles and the tidiest football fans!

This week on The Week Junior Show we hear about some incredible beetles, the recent strikes and what they mean and we have a debate on whether oil companies should pay more tax!
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