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Join the team behind The Week Junior and Bex from Fun Kids to find out about the week's news.

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Farting contests and robot gymnastics

Vanessa, Bex, Michael and Ben from The Week Junior chat about the news and what’s going on in the world. 
This week, we hear about robots doing gymnastics, whether a four-day working week is a good idea, and they share some of their favourite fac…

Crazy Science, Penguins and Should Loot Boxes be Banned?

The gang are back talking about everything that’s happening in the world right now, including a penguin that has travelled a very very long way, awards for crazy science studies and whether loot boxes should be allowed in gaming.
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Car-free cities, the Rugby World Cup and funny animal noises

In this episode, the Week Junior team discuss car-free days, how the team get everything correct week-after-week, and the Rugby World Cup!
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Loch Ness Monster and meat-eating plants

Felicity, Michael, Dan and Bex find out about what’s happening the world right now. 
In this episode, they discuss plants that eat animals, whether the Loch Ness Monster could be real (or eel), and whether cameras could be in your classrooms.

Brexit, UK politics and the moons of Jupiter

The Week Junior team – Felicity, Michael, Ciaran and Bex – break down what’s happening in UK Parliament right now. 
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Amazon rainforest fires and racism in football

This week the team discusses why The Amazon rainforest is in the news and why it needs greater protection.
Felicity, Vanessa, Bex and Ciaran also chat about their favourite moments in sport and the problem of racism in football.
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Greta Thunberg and the future of exams

Ciaran, Michael, Bex and Vanessa chat about climate campaigner Greta Thunberg trip across the Atlantic and whether Amazon packages might soon be delivered through open windows… 
The Week Junior Show is the podcast that helps you make sense of t…

Film remakes and life on the moon

In this edition of the Week Junior Show, Felicity, Bex, Ciaran and Ben debate whether film remakes are good or bad, if harmonica-blowing referees could be making their way to a football pitch near you, and we chat about what might be living on the moon…

Flying across the Channel and the Fortnite World Cup

It’s the first episode of the Week Junior Show, the podcast that helps you make sense of the world.
This week, we’re looking at the story of Franky Zapata who flew across the English Channel, a Harry Potter book that sold for £28,500 at auction …