TIGEROPOLIS is an untold tale from the jungle that children of all ages can enjoy!

TIGEROPOLIS is an untold tale from the jungle that children of all ages can enjoy!

Set in a vast tiger park in the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern India. It’s home to a family of vegetarian tigers: Cubs Bittu and his sister Matti, their mother Tala and uncles Raj and VJ. The tigers are hidden away, they enjoy a quiet life away from humans and live in a cosy cave furnished with things they have ‘up-cycled’ that humans have long discarded. 

With no tiger sightings in the park for many years, everyone assumes there are no tigers in TIGEROPOLIS, and so, the authorities are keen to close the park, cut down the forest and redevelop.

To accompany this series, there are also five mini-features where we’ve brought schoolchildren from across the UK together with experts so that they can ask their own questions about some of the key issues affecting the environment.

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The tigers have chosen the Old Fort as the setting for the final confrontation with the poachers. Once again, they’ve called in some favours from the park’s other animals, including some langur monkeys and a troupe of elephants. So…c…

The Dig

The tigers call in help from the other animals in an attempt to defeat the poachers. But unexpectedly, the porcupines create more problems for Bittu, just as the poachers appear on the scene. Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: https://funkidslive.com/plusSe…

Caught In The Trap

Tigeropolis has caught everyone’s attention – but some of the attention is unwanted. Poachers are now a serious challenge for our brave tigers, as tiger cub Bittu is about to find out.Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: https://funkidslive.com/plusSee …

Close Encounters

A mix up could have deadly consequences when one of the Forest Officers goes out on patrolJoin Fun Kids Podcasts+: https://funkidslive.com/plusSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Treasure Hunt

After all the excitement of the Grand Opening, it seems some things are still not quite right! Money troubles hit – if only the tigers could find a solution.
Plus, another special Tigeropolis eco-feature exploring important environmental iss…

The Grand Opening

Finally the tigers have brought much-needed attention back to their tiger park, and they have engineered a VIP reopening…but somehow it doesn’t quite go to plan. Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: https://funkidslive.com/plusSee omnystudio.com/…

Hunting Lesson

Bollywood comes to the rescue when the tigers are faced with an awkward dilemma… could be challenging!
Plus, we’re at Knepp Estate, Horsham. Today we’re on safari to a very special farm – Knepp Farm in West Sussex – with expert Safari Gui…

On Safari

The tigers are on an undercover research trip to a neighbouring tiger reserve. In this episode they’re on a game drive, in disguise, to watch and learn.Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: https://funkidslive.com/plusSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy i…

The Visit

The tigers are off to visit a successful tiger park to see how it’s done and soon discover there’s more to it than meets the eye!
It was a ‘roaring’ success, last time in Tigeropolis, but our vegetarian tigers have been hidden …