In this episode of Stuck at Home, we're chatting about why we need to stay home, and we're also finding out about things in space.

We’re giving you a few things you can do to keep busy. Why not try:

  • Cloud watching
  • Grabbing a guitar and playing a tune like Conor
  • Heading out into the garden to plant some veg
  • Making a salad with fresh veg that you have at home

Here are some questions to test your knowledge of Deep Space High: 

How many operational satellites are in Earth’s orbit?
a. 800, b. 1,000, c. 1,300

What’s the name of the satellite that helps create space weather forecasts?

There’s also a satellite on the far side of the Sun called Stereo. What does STEREO stand for?
a. Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory. b. Sun Telephonic Realtime Outlook, c. Space Time-Rift Opens

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