This is Stuck at Home, the brand new daily podcast from the children’s radio station Fun Kids packed with things to try, do, and listen to. Whatever brings you to this podcast, we’re here to keep you company. 

In this episode, we’re getting the low-down on how to make tacos, Bex jets off to The Week Junior to chat to Ben about a very special bike race, and we find out about the very thing you’re using to listen to this podcast – your ears. 

If you needed a reminder of the questions in our quick fire quiz, here they are: 

True or false, the ear is made up of three different sections

Where do you find ear wax?

  1. The Eardrum 
  2. The Ear Canal 
  3. The Inner Ear

What helps deliver soundwaves to the inner ear?

  1. Ear hairs 
  2. Ossicles 
  3. Cochlea  

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