Rocket Safety 101 and why our giraffes need protecting!

Welcome aboard the Science Weekly rocket! Dan is your captain and the destination is the far corners of the galaxy! 

Climate expert Nicola Davies is here to talk about the unique ways in which animals will be affected by climate change. Her new book, Protecting the Planet: The Season of Giraffes, is on the shortlist for this year’s Children's Writing on Nature and Conservation Awards! She's telling Dan all about climate change from a giraffe's point of view, and what we can do to help these beautiful animals as we all try and slow down the effects of climate change. 

You've been sending in your science questions, and this week you'll find out how to stay safe in a rocket and how your body fights viruses! There's updates on rockets in Science in the News, and Dangerous Dan features a seed from South East Asia's Pangium Edule plant that can make you DELIRIOUS!  

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