ENGINEERING SPECIAL: Mary Rose, plastic trombones and chicken hide-and-seek

This is Engineering Day is on November 4th and we're celebrating it in Activity Quest! 

On 4 November 2020, a new, virtual museum, The Museum of Engineering Innovation. opens its digital doors at Google Arts and Culture to celebrate the engineers and engineering shaping our world. Take a peek inside and explore the amazing engineering innovations tackling big global issues and changing our everyday lives!

In this episode, Anna Louise is off to the Mary Rose in Portsmouth to chat all about the recovered ship. It was lost in the 1500s and Chris – who we hear from in the podcast – was one of the team who helped recover her. 

We're finding out what there is to do near you, including visits to the STEAM Museum in Swindon, a Royal Air Force base and a military museum.

Then we're chatting to another Chris – this time from pbone. That's a trombone made out of plastic that sounds just like its brass counterpart! We're finding out how such a great engineering innovation happened and Josh provides you with some musical ideas of his own... 

Then we're back on Mini Motley Sanctuary with Anna Louise to play a game of chicken hide-and-seek!

Tell us what you’re up to at and we might use what you send us in a future episode. 

Opening times and prices correct as of recording. Check before you travel and follow government guidance regarding COVID-19.

Correction: During Dan's interview, we refer to the ‘Science and Media Museum’ when we should have referred to the 'Museum of Engineering Innovation', opening November 4th.

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