Kids in the Past

The Anchor Forge (Adventures Through Time)

The anchor and chains for the Titanic, and her sister ships Olympic and Britannic, were made in the Black Country – the anchors were some of the biggest ever made!

The anchor was over 15 tonnes and 18 feet long!

Chains and anchors came in all…

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Life on the Canal (Adventures Through Time)

Did you know the Black Country used to be known as Birmingham-on-Sea?

The boat people never stayed in one place for long, they were responsible for moving cargo – even Cadburys chocolate!

People moved cargo along the canals until just after t…

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Colliery Disaster (Adventures Through Time)

The Black Country was famous for coal mining back in the day!
But working in the mines wasn’t just a pretty horrible job because it was so hard, dark, and dirty work; it was also really dangerous.
You could be crushed by falling rock, suffocate on ga…

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Keeping Us Warm (Adventures Through Time)

You might take being warm and cozy in your house for granted, but the people of the Black Country definitely didn’t back in the Victorian era!
Most people back then had to rely on fire in their homes to keep warm. With finding the fuel for the fire, s…

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Keeping Us Healthy (Adventures Through Time)

Staying healthy is really important, but with all those factories and mines in the Black Country, doing that was easier said than done.
People would get ill and injured a lot back then but not everyone could go to the doctors to get their health probl…

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Keeping Us Fed (Adventures Through Time)

People in the Black Country didn’t just work in the factories all the time, they had to eat too!
Getting a good meal back then was a little different back then, lots of families would get a lot of food themselves. They would grow vegetables on their o…

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Queen Victoria Visits The Black Country (Adventures Through Time)

Queen Victoria meant a lot to the people of the Black Country.
Many pubs and houses around the Black Country would have a picture of the Queen hanging in them to honor her.
Usually, if you were expecting to see the queen you would probably have to be…

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Mary Macarthur and the Chain Maker’s Strike (Adventures Through Time)

Mary Macarthur was a pretty amazing woman in the Black Country’s history.
Lots of women workers back then used to be treated very unfairly, they were made to work long hours and for not very much money at all!
It was a hard and horrible life, but the…

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The Tudors (London’s History)

Ever wondered what it was like in London back in the Tudor times?
If you’re not sure when the Tudor times were, it’s basically when King Henry VIII was in charge!
Find out all about what London was like back then by listening to this episode of Londo…

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