Fun Kids Podcast Network

Podcasts from the children’s radio station Fun Kids and a whole host of brilliant UK, brand-safe shows for kids.

Our Shows

Here are some of our brillant podcasts.

Fun Kids Meets

Listen to the podcast with all the best interviews - pop stars, gamers, authors and more...

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Locked Up in the Tower of London

Annabel's uncle is a Beefeater, one of the special Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London! He’s always telling her about the famous prisoners the Tower of London has held over the years so she's taking us on a tour to check the place out for ourselves!

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Kids in the Past

Listen to the diary entries of Edward Hampton and discover what life was like between 1914 and 1918. What subjects were taught at school, what could people do for entertainment and how did children help with the war effort?

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Age of the Dinosaurs

Travel back in time to 145 million years ago and discover what life was like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth...

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The Space Programme

A drama serial with a rocket launch and perhaps the first child astronauts.

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Sports Squad

The sports show for kids!

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Who We Are

The Fun Kids Podcast network combines the podcasts from the national children’s radio station Fun Kids with some of the best kids podcasts from UK creators like The Week Junior and Storynory.

Together we provide advertisers the opportunities to reach a large number of children with brand-safe advertising.