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Janet Devlin on Fun Kids!

Janet Devlin catches up with Sean at the Hard Rock Cafe in London! We hear all about her brand new Christmassy EP, December Daze and all the fun Janet has planned for Christmas this year! 

The Good Dinosaur – Pete Sohn on Fun Kids!

The Good Dinosaur’s director Pete Sohn and producer Denise Ream chat to Bex about Disney’s The Good Dinosaur. We hear all about cute dinosaurs and all the action behind the film. Plus, Bex tests our their Dinosaur knowledge!  

Chris Tomlinson on Fun Kids!

Chris Tomlinson, GB Long Jumper athlete chats to Dan about the Sports for Schools scheme and all the bones that he has broken on his body! Plus we hear about all the fun Chris gets up to when he visits schools too. 

Fleur East on Fun Kids!

Fleur East bringing all the sass as she chats to Sean about her latest song Sax, that infamous X Factor performance. We also hear more about the new album Love, Sax and Flashbacks and Fleur’s Christmas plans too!

Cast of CBBC’s Scream Street on Fun Kids!

The cast of Scream Street catch up with Bex and we hear all about their scary characters, whether they would prefer to be a Vampire or Wearwolf, what it’s like to record with each other! Plus we find out if there are any future plans for Scream S…

Nathan Sykes on Fun Kids!

Nathan Sykes chats to Bex about his brand new single Over and Over Again! Nathan also answers your questions that you requested in PopJam too so we find out his favourite celebrities, which superpowers he would like and so much more! 

Colin Furze on Fun Kids!

YouTuber Colin Furze chats to Sean about the big reveal of his super cool apocalyptic bunker, which is basically a whole in the floor full of fun in his back garden! 

Rich Parker on Fun Kids!

GB Athlete Rich Parker chats to Dan about the Sports for Schools scheme and even the warm up activities where he has jumped over teachers! Plus we hear all about all his cool skating tricks too! 

Elyar Fox on Fun Kids!

Elyar Fox chats to Dan about him hosting the Teenage Cancer Trust Listen Learn Event. They chat about the cool songwriting workshops, his thoughts on hosting the event and some terrible police jokes too!